We are loving the trend in immersive pop up museums, and now one of our very own stylists, Kara of Kailo Chic, has created The FOMO Factory in Austin, a must-see destination if you are in Austin this month (until October 21st!).  The FOMO Factory is an “escape to childhood” and we love the colorful, joyful rooms.

For those of you who are unable to visit in person, indulge in a little virtual fun:

First, take colorful stairs to begin your journey into 8 rooms, starting with the birthday room (featured above).

Make a pit stop for pictures at the fringe wall!

Next, take a step back into school days. All high school lockers should look like this, right?

Finally, it’s time for recess! In the playground section of the factory, this hopscotch takes me right back to second grade.

Thank you for sharing your pop up project with us Kara!  Check out more pictures on Kailo Chic’s blog.

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