Kiddos around the country are heading back to school already (with some already in school since early August!) and it’s definitely mixed emotions all around!  For kids, it can be an exciting time as they begin a new year of school.

For parents, it can be emotional (how did another year pass already?), nerve-wracking (ack! back to school gear shopping!) and also, a relief (trading the dog days of summer for some routine again).

We think that breakfast before school is one of the most important times of the day, but it’s often a mad rush to get out the door.  That’s why we love Giggle Living’s back to school breakfast buffet as a special treat for that first day or even breakfast/brunch on the Sunday before the first day.

The apple theme is perfect for back to school and Lori keeps it sweet and simple with a green and white motif.

The cereal bar gets an A+ from us:

As does the make-your-own yogurt parfaits!

Head over to Giggle Living to get directions on an adorable DIY apple banner as well as cute toppers for breakfast muffins.  We are not quite sure we’re ready to go back to school yet, but we are loving this breakfast spread!

Thanks Lori for sharing your idea with us!

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