Wedding day celebrations often start bright and early in the bridal suite, and these bridal suite moments are often the first to be photographed.  We are thrilled to hear that our friends at Sprinkles and Confetti have partnered with B&D Custom Crafts to put together a bridal suite box that will allow you to create a celebratory atmosphere in those pre-ceremony hours. pg slot

We love that they make it easy with mix and match pieces and tableware that you can customize to the size of your bridal party.

Sprinkles and Confetti writes:

Whether you’re the bride, maid of honor, event planner, or venue coordinator you know the morning of any wedding is filled with excitement, joy, and just a touch of chaos!  Too often, the bridal suite is an overlooked detail, but it’s one of the most important elements to start your big day off right and often the first of many memorable moments to be photographed! 

Brides, you can stress less, because we’ve partnered with B+D Custom Crafts to bring you this customizable Bridal Suite Box, complete with stylish plates, napkins, and custom decor elements all packaged perfectly in one transportable box to ensure your pre-ceremony hours are as photo-worthy as all the others! 

Sprinkles and Confetti also has some great tips on day of wedding details for brides on their blog.

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