As moms of young children, we have been looking forward to Mother’s Day for the past 364 days!  We have compiled OUR TOP 10 IDEAS FOR A PERFECT MOTHER’S DAY:

  1. Sleeping until 8AM, or <gasp> 9AM!!

2. Brunch – but today, leave it to someone else to feed and cleanup the kids!

3. Gym class– haven’t been to the gym in a while?  Today is as good of a day as any to get reacquainted!

4. Nap – for the whole family

5. Crafts – to RECEIVE handmade crafts, not to actually make them

6. Personal care time – indulge in a mini spa-treatment at home – put on a beauty sheet mask and chase the kids around the house! Warning: the screaming may negate effects of the treatment.

7. Gab time – as in, locking yourself in a bathroom and finally calling one of your best girlfriends – you know, the one you’ve played phone tag since one (or both) of you became moms!

8. TV – the perfect day to finally binge watch all of the episodes of Little Big Lies (again).

9. Meditation – aka alone time that may or may not turn into another nap.

10. Cuddles – mandatory from all of the children in the household, on demand.

Hope this list provides a bit of inspiration!  Enjoy today!  You deserve it!

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