Mod Color Party

Styled by Tinseldot

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Beverage and Pitcher from Mod Color Party Styled by Tinseldot | Black Twine
Cupcakes from Mod Color Party Styled by Tinseldot | Black Twine
Lantern Honeycomb Garland and Food Table from Mod Color Party Styled by Tinseldot | Black Twine
Mod Color Party Styled by Tinseldot | Black Twine

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Additional Tip

Recommended Menu: cupcakes, popcorn, pound cake, brownies, candy (lollipops, ginger candy, and spiced candy almonds), gourmet chocolates, and raspberry lemonade with prosecco


Prepare perfect party decor + party food.

DIY Paper Lantern Strings


  • Paper fans
  • Paper honeycombs
  • Paper accordions
  • Nylon string
  • Command hooks


  1. Assemble and arrange paper accordions,  fans and honeycombs in the desired order.
  2. Cut 7 nylon strings (ranging between 2 feet and 6 feet in length)
  3. Lay nylon strings next to your paper goods, leave at least 12” of free space at the top of the string to secure it to the command hooks later on.
  4. At this point begin to open the fans, honeycombs and lanterns from top to bottom making sure you place the nylon string along the inside center of the lantern placing a double sided tape to secure it, then close the lantern to form its shape.
  5. Repeat process until you have finish all 7 lantern strings.
  6. Install command hooks in a row on the ceiling 12” apart.
  7. Tie each nylon string to the command hooks.


Pull it all together in just a few easy steps.



3 Weeks Prior

Purchase party decor items online


2 Weeks Prior

Order any desserts that you are not making (cookies, cake, cupcakes)


1 Week Prior

Purchase groceries (beverages and non-perishable food) for the party


2 Days Prior

Assemble paper lantern backdrop so that it is ready to hand the day of the party


Day Of

Pick up the dessert you pre-ordered

Hang the paper lantern backdrop and set up party decor

Set out the food & beverage on the food table about 30-45 minutes before the party starts

Estimated Budget

10 People

Decor: $350 – $400

Food & Beverage: $150 – $250

TOTAL: $500 – $650

Styling tips

Tinseldot shares its top tips for pulling off this event.

Tip 1

Use this blueprint as party inspiration, but feel free to choose any colors that you like for the paper lantern backdrop.

Tip 2

Add dessert and other treats to the food table about 30-45 minutes before the party starts in order to keep the food as fresh as possible.

Tip 3

For adult parties, we love featuring a signature cocktail for everyone to enjoy!

Tip 4

If your budget allows, we recommend investing in serving ware that you can use over and over.

Vendor Credits

Design & Styling: Tinseldot

Photography: Nabila Verushka Photography

Paper Lanterns: Under the Paper Lantern

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