Painting with My Peeps Easter Party

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Easter Peeps Letterboard from Painting with my Peeps Easter Party Styled by Just Add Confetti | Black Twine
DIY Peeps Easter Cake from Painting with my Peeps Easter Party Styled by Just Add Confetti | Black Twine
How to Style an Easter Dessert Table from Painting with my Peeps Easter Party Styled by Just Add Confetti | Black Twine
Chocolate Covered Oreo Paints from Painting with my Peeps Easter Party Styled by Just Add Confetti | Black Twine
Easter Egg Painting from Painting with my Peeps Easter Party Styled by Just Add Confetti | Black Twine
How to Host a Peeps Easter Party Styled by Just Add Confetti | Black Twine

Photography by Just Add Confetti

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Party Decor

Additional Tip

To create the Peeps backdrop for the dessert table, download the PDF stencil (along with all of the other FREE printables) in the shopping section of this blueprint. Then, trace each Peep on an individual piece of poster board. To add to the funky, painterly look, whip out some paintbrushes and add a thick black outline around the edges of the Peeps. We also added some painted Easter eggs or a paintbrush to the backdrop for extra fun!


Prepare perfect party decor + party food.

DIY “Painting with My Peeps” Cake


  • Store-bought cake with plain white frosting
  • Gumballs (in assorted colors)
  • Peeps (in assorted colors)
  • 2 new (never used) paint brushes
  • 2 sheets of Candy Buttons
  • Yellow, blue, and pink sprinkles



  1. Place the plain white frosted cake on the pedestal or platter you will be serving it on.
  2. Gently press the multi-colored gumballs along the base of the cake.
  3. Arrange the Peeps side-by-side around the entire outside of the cake. [Note: It is helpful to use toothpicks to hold the Peeps in place. Just advise guests to be aware of the toothpicks at time of cutting and eating the cake.]
  4. Mix pink, blue, and yellow sprinkles in a bowl. Then, gently press the sprinkles into the top of the cake.
  5. Using a hole punch, put holes in the paper of two sheets of Candy Buttons. Next, guide two new (never before used) paintbrushes through the holes creating a wave effect. Then, poke both paintbrushes into the top of the cake and voila your “Painting With My Peeps” cake is complete!

DIY Chocolate Covered Oreo “Paints”


  • Oreos
  • Muffin tin
  • Candy melts in pink, blue, and yellow
  • Large artist palette (to display the cookie “paints”)
  • Paint brush (to use as a prop on the artist palette)



  1. Fill the bottom 1/3 of each cavity of the muffin tin with candy melts.
  2. Gently press a cookie into the candy melts, but make sure not to go all the way to the bottom or the cookie will show through the melts.
  3. Tap the muffin tin on the counter a few times to get out any air bubbles and help the melts fill in the gap where the filling is.
  4. Spoon more candy melts over the top of the cookie to fill the the cavity to about halfway to the top. Tap the mold on the counter again for any last air bubbles.
  5. Place in the freezer for about 10 minutes or until the chocolate is fully set so you can easily remove them from the tin. If they stick, the chocolate is not fully set.
  6. For a fun display, arrange your Candy Covered Oreo “Paints” on a large artist palette with a paint brush!


Pull it all together in just a few easy steps.



2 Weeks Prior

Purchase all party supplies


1 Week Prior

Print the party printables by Just Add Confetti (see link in Shopping Section)

Create the Peeps backdrop for the dessert table


1 Day Prior

Purchase cake, treats, and beverages for the party

Assemble Peeps favor bags

Bake and frost the Peep and egg-shaped sugar cookies


Day Of

Decorate your “Painting with My Peeps” cake

Decorate cupcakes with Peeps and sprinkles

Arrange the treats on the dessert table

Arrange all painting supplies on the kids’ activity table

Estimated Budget

10 People

Decor: $200 – $250

Food: $50 – $100

Beverage: $25 – $50

TOTAL: $275 – $400

Styling tips

Just Add Confetti shares its top tips for pulling off this event.

Tip 1

Decide on the tables you are going to use for the party. One for the food and another for the Easter egg painting activities. Then, get crafty with the Peeps backdrop.

Tip 2

Have the kids start by painting the egg cookies with the edible cake paint. Then, serve the snacks and sweets. End the party with the Easter egg painting!

Tip 3

Dress the part and give all of your little artists aprons/smocks to wear at the celebration. It will add to the fun theme and keep their clothes cleaner.

Tip 4

The food display can be creative too! On your table, arrange foods on plastic (never before used, pre-washed) art palettes. You might also like to give the foods, fun, artsy Easter and/or Peep-inspired names.

Tip 5

Personalize your Peep favor tags by opening the PDF file for the Peep printables in Adobe Acrobat and click on provided text boxes to add the desired name(s).

Vendor Credits

Styling, Printables, Treats, & Photography by Just Add Confetti

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