Don’t want to show up empty-handed to your next holiday party, and yet, unsure of what to bring?  Check out these amazing hostess gifts, hand-selected by members of the Black Twine Stylist Circle.  As a party hostess many times over, they know their stuff when it comes to what party hosts and hostess appreciate!
  1. Stacie Flinner: Red Amaryllis bulb (timed to bloom over the holidays), $25 from
  2. Lisa from A Charming Fete: Tea towels, $18 from West Elm
  3. Lisa from A Charming Fete: Marble camera for photographers or photography lovers, $23 from West Elm
  4. Alicia + Betsey from Happy Wish Company: Holiday sugar cookies, $65 from Eleni’s
  5. Jennifer from BellaGrey Designs, Toni from AK Party Studios, Susan from Sugar Parties LA, and Andressa from Twinkle Twinkle Little Party: Wine or Champagne with DIY fur collar by Bella Grey Designs
  6. Carolina from Mint Event Design: Hot cocoa kit, $9 from Target
  7. Lisa from A Charming Fete: Cocktail glasses, $16 from West Elm
  8. Tania from Tania’s Design Studio: A soft blanket throw, $31 from
  9. Andi Mans and Lori from Giggle Living: Cheese board, $25 from
  10. Niki from Seventh Bixel, Jeanne + Gloria from Harlow & Grey and Royale from But First, Party: Luxurious candle, $65 from

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