Easter is just around the corner! Lori of Giggle Living is here to share a special treat for adults and kiddos that can be easily pulled together with items in your freezer and pantry.  Those of us who are last minute planners (or had Easter sneak up on us this year) are especially appreciative of this lovely, easy idea!

Lori writes:

“A waffle bar is always a fun idea for a breakfast or brunch celebration…but it can also be a sweet surprise on any ordinary day!  What I love best about this kind of morning treat is that you most likely have everything you need right in your freezer, fridge or pantry!  If you have kids you probably have frozen waffles or pancakes on hand…and if you don’t, you can easily add them to your grocery list!  We always have waffles in the freezer, they’re great for picky breakfast eaters but equally wonderful for after school snacks!  You can do so many delicious things with a waffle…make them sweet, make them savory, keep them healthy, or even indulge on some cheat-worthy additions for an over-the-top sugar fix!  And since they don’t have to be just for breakfast, they’re the perfect choice for a holiday treat!”

Sweet toppings:

Savory toppings:

Stack up the just toasted waffles and watch them disappear!

Thanks Lori for sharing your fun Easter breakfast idea!


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