Today, we had an exciting opportunity to partner with @instagramforbusiness on a Flat Lay 101 tutorial with a fun summer, beachy theme.  Check it out here on @instagramforbusiness stories and let us know what you think!

Much can be said about the way Instagram has brought creativity and inspiration to our lives, especially for the entrepreneurial party community!  We love connecting with party peeps on the platform.  At Alt Summer in February, we had the opportunity to learn hands on how to use the new Instagram story tools from guru Morgan Cornelius and we have been having so much fun with it.

Given we are big fans, we are thrilled that @instagramforbusiness profiled our founder, Anne Kuo Hyun, and Black Twine in May.  Thanks for the shout out, @instagramforbusiness!

Stayed tuned for more fun, summer entertaining content with @instagramforbusiness as we show you more tips and tricks for styling and showcasing your parties.


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