Meet Hae-Jean of Dohlhouse Designs, the designer of elegant, festive dols for parents who wish to throw a traditional Korean 1st birthday celebration with modern graphics and party decor.

For a long time now, we have been enamored with the creative efforts that party planners and parents put into doljanchis, or “dol/dohl” for short, the festive Korean 1st birthday celebration that has beautiful traditional components like the wearing of the hanbok and the dol table, with foods stacked high to symbolize prosperity.

Rooted in an earlier time, the dol marks the important first birthday milestone, often bringing together an entire village to celebrate the baby’s first birthday, sharing food and wishes for a bright future for the child. Nowadays, parents put their own modern touches on this celebration, and Dohlhouse Design’s Botanical Garden Birthday is a wonderful example of a dol where old meets new, classic meets modern.

Hae-Jean of Dohlhouse Designs is the stylist behind this beautiful dol design.  We love the gorgeous spread of sweets on the dol table, incorporating blush pinks and creams and even incorporating traditional dduk rice cakes to match the color scheme!  Hae-Jean puts together a lovely backdrop and adds graphic design details throughout to create a feminine and modern twist on a traditional celebration.

It’s not surprising that Hae-Jean used to work full time as a web and graphic designer, as her party graphics are #onpoint.  Hae-Jean is now a stay-at-home mom, and we are thrilled that she started her party planning business to put her talents at work while raising her son. For Hae-Jean, the party is all in the details. She specializes in special events like 1st birthday parties (dohls), and she can also help with other parties and events. 

When she’s not party planning, Hae-Jean also enjoys baking and cooking yummy food (eating it too) and awesome fun DIY projects. She shares all sorts of beautiful DIY crafts and her gorgeous graphic design on her site, and we are so inspired by all of it.  Thank you for sharing your dol design with us, Hae-Jean!

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